Digital Payments For Digital Lives

When you’re running your business, you just want things to work. Nowhere is this more important than payments. There’s enough unpredictability in today’s commercial environment without worrying if your digital and contactless payments are landing where they should. And as more of our transactions move online, banks, payment service providers and merchants need technology they can trust.


This means creating systems that connect the diverse financial ecosystems that we now rely on in a seamless, transparent and secure way – and making it easy. A challenge? Certainly. But one we’re passionate about.

What does it mean to be a payment technology provider?

It’s no secret that the payment landscape is changing rapidly. Customers engage with digital payment solutions in more ways than ever, from online to mobile, in store and on the go. Making all this work requires an agile and proactive approach, catching issues before they become problems. Payments are also becoming more diverse – from splitting bills to buy-now-pay-later, all integrated with mobile banking services and cross-border transactions, the industry has to meet a range of new expectations.

The list of payment use cases is only set to grow as digital becomes the standard way of managing our financial affairs. This brings a greater need for flexibility – when solutions integrate with bank services and platforms, their range of payment types needs to fit the expanding range of consumer needs while also aligning with existing technology and policies.

Making all those transactions as smooth as possible while still providing added value to customers and companies alike is no small task. At Payconiq, we work with forward-thinking banks, merchants and payment solution providers that want to create or modernise their infrastructure. Our unique approach focuses on customised development, regularly upgrading our products to further enhance the company and user experience through payment apps, end-to-end processing, and value-added services.

As Europe’s payment landscape becomes increasingly interconnected, there’s a greater need for cloud-based platforms that can build bridges while addressing the compliance and security requirements for cross-border transactions. Ensuring it all works together is the responsibility of payment solution developers and innovators, such as the dedicated team we have assembled at Payconiq.

What we think will further boost mobile payments

As the payment market becomes more competitive, user experience is the key differentiator. Our scalable, real-time solutions help merchants and providers manage the entire omnichannel experience, offering more consistency and control for users. We also leverage the latest account-to-account payment technologies to facilitate frictionless transactions from anywhere.

We’re already helping European payment providers reshape their businesses, with accessible, scalable, real-time solutions at the core of their service. For instance, Payconiq recently collaborated with the top Dutch e-commerce payment system iDEAL to create a future-proof system for their next phase of growth. Now, Payconiq’s platform is the central solution for 70% of all e-commerce transactions in The Netherlands. Processing an average of four million transactions every day, we’re now the European leader in account-to-account transactions and ready to scale further.

Payconiq is committed to delivering solutions that are trustworthy, transparent and user-focused. But true innovation thrives through collaboration – in today’s fast moving payment ecosystem, we can’t wait to see what kind of future we build together.

Guido Vermeent

CEO Payconiq

Guido Vermeent

CEO Payconiq