Raising awareness for working in fintech as women

PRESS RELEASE: To raise awareness of what it is like to work in fintech as a woman, Payconiq International is launching a series of videos made by female employees. The company, which makes digital payment solutions for e-commerce and banking, hopes this will inspire more women to use their talents for a career in fintech. 


Currently, 38% of employees at Payconiq International are women and 25% of management positions are held by a woman. Percentages that CEO Guido Vermeent would like to see increase within a short time: "We hope that our 'women in tech' inspire other women with their story and vision. This is about ambition and pride but also about letting go of old ideas about what working in tech is like."

'I hope this will make women curious, ask questions'

The reason of less women in fintech

That there are still few women entering the fintech world has two main reasons, the women at Payconiq conclude. One is that it is a fast-growing but new industry that people generally do not yet have a good idea about. In addition, they find that many women do not realise how to use their talents in this kind of jobs.

Videoseries Payconiq

In the series of five videos, they tell what makes them proud, give tips and share their experiences. 'More women in (fin)tech is not an end in itself,' states Emilie Fourel, Product Owner, 'to be successful, a diversified team works best. Moreover, I think many women will find it a fun, dynamic world in which there are many opportunities.'

Her colleague Amruta Karanjekar believes that as a woman, you need to set an example for the younger generation of women, show that you can make a difference. For this, there needs to be more awareness of what it is like to work as a woman in fintech.

Andreia Nestian, Service Delivery Manager, laughingly explains that there are still a lot of people around her who do not yet know exactly what she does, a comment that generates a lot of excitement, which all women actually recognise.

Amruta: 'I actually say the same thing to every woman thinking about a career in Tech: go for it.'

The videos will appear on Payconiq International LinkedIn page. Watch the first video here.