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Find out what the Payconiq Human Resources team does, who they are and what vacancies they have right now.

Human Resources

Human Resources jobs

The department

Payconiq's HR team is dedicated to providing effective organisational structure and fostering a positive work environment. We advise, coach and facilitate the management and board team regarding talent management/recruitment, compensation, employee benefits, training, development, and workplace safety. Our goal is to enable employees to achieve their business objectives while also prioritising their well-being.


The team

The HR team consists of 5 members:  two HR coordinators, two HR Specialists and the Head of HR.

We work and collaborate on cross-functional projects together with other departments.  


Our departments' culture

We are a hardworking, open, and fun-loving team that values transparency and professionalism. We strive to learn from each other and grow together in a collaborative workspace. We celebrate successes and learn from failures, welcoming feedback.